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Author:  developerworks [ Thu Nov 13, 2003 9:48 pm ]
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I reckon that maybe some of you might be interested in checking what IBM has got available on LINUX and some other stuff also. Check it out, you might be surprised of what you can find there. As an example, here there are some interesting links. Thanks.

Linux zone

Some updated LPI tutorials are listed below - the full listing can be found at: ... orials.jsp

LPI certification 102 (release 2) exam prep, Part 1: Compiling sources and managing packages
We'll show you how to compile programs from sources, how to manage shared libraries, and how to use Red Hat and Debian package management systems. ... S_CMP=1445

LPI certification 102 (release 2) exam prep, Part 2: Configuring and compiling the kernel
We'll show you how to compile the Linux kernel from sources. We'll cover important kernel configuration options and provide in-depth information about PCI and USB support in the kernel. ... S_CMP=1445

LPI certification 101 (release 2) exam prep, Part 1: Linux fundamentals
Daniel introduces you to bash (the standard Linux shell), shows how to take full advantage of Linux commands such as ls, cp, and mv, explains Linux's permission and ownership model, and much more. ... S_CMP=1445

LPI certification 101 (release 2) exam prep, Part 2: Basic administration
You will learn to use regular expressions to search files for text patterns, how to locate files on your system, and how to take full control of Linux processes. You'll get an introduction to shell pipelines, redirection, and text processing commands. ... S_CMP=1445

LPI certification 101 (release 2) exam prep, Part 3: Intermediate administration
This tutorial (Part 3) is for those who want to improve their fundamental Linux administration skills. We'll cover a topics including system and Internet documentation, Linux permissions model, user account management, and login environment tuning. ... S_CMP=1445

LPI certification 101 (release 2) exam prep, Part 4: Advanced administration
In this tutorial, we'll finish your knowledge of important Linux administration skills, covering a variety of topics including: Linux filesystems, the Linux boot process, runlevels, filesystem quotas, and system logs. ... S_CMP=1445

Build a Linux test network
This tutorial shows how to combine Samba and GRUB to build a compact, highly adaptable, cross-platform test network, capable of booting and networking a large number of operating systems on a small number of machines. ... S_CMP=1445

Introduction to User-Mode Linux
Originally conceived as a kernel developer's tool, UML lets you set up multiple virtual machines that are isolated from each other and from the hardware. Now, you can test applications all the way to failure without breaking the host system -- or even requiring a reboot. Veteran administrator Carla Schroder shows you how. ... S_CMP=1445

Using Python to access DB2 for Linux
Python is a great tool to use with DB2 Version 8. It combines the ability to quickly and simply access a DB2 database with the power to perform more complex tasks that require a general-purpose programming language. You'll learn about the Python DB2 module using the sample that ships with DB2 Version 8.1. ... S_CMP=1445

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